Why Us

Experience and Commitment

• A wide variety of professional and committed medical staff
• Friendly and efficient support staff
• A diverse group of doctors with special interests and qualifications in variety of areas
• Dedicated and passionate care across all practices

A wide variety of professional, committed medical staff

The Jupiter Health Services family consists of professional, committed doctors and nurses from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Our doctors, both male and female, have extensive local and international experience and work together to offer patients a caring, professional service. All medical information is kept strictly confidential.

Friendly and efficient support staff

Jupiter Health Services’ highly trained and professional practice managers and receptionists ensure that patients are welcomed into a friendly, supportive environment where they receive efficient assistance.

A diverse group of doctors, with special interests and qualifications
in a variety of areas

The diverse group of doctors at Jupiter Health Services have a wide variety of special interests and qualifications to ensure that a range of specialised medical services are available to patients.
All the Jupiter Health Services practices offer general practice services and urgent care. In addition, various practices offer specialised services. Please review the individual practice website to confirm the availability of specialised services at each practice.
The following special services are offered by different practices in the Jupiter Health Services Group:
• Women’s health, including skin care, contraception, antenatal and postnatal care, menopause and weak pelvic floor treatment
• Men’s health including prostate checks and contraception
• Paediatrics / Child health
• Aged care
• Mental Health
• Skin Cancer / mole checks and treatment
• Immunisations
• Cosmetics and anti-ageing treatment
• Pre-employment medicals
• Workers Compensation
• Chronic disease management
• Allergy and asthma treatment
• Diabetic patient care

Dedicated, passionate care across all practices

At Jupiter Health Services, the staff have been specially recruited to ensure that all patients are treated in a professional, personalised manner. Dedicated, passionate employees who truly care for patients’ well-being are sought by our group.

Jupiter Health Services assists teaching and research by participating in the UWA mentoring scheme at selected locations. We provide ongoing support to our doctors, nurses and administration staff to participate in ongoing education and development.

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