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As a member of our Jupiter Health family, you will enjoy:

Support from our skilled Registered Nurses; GP Mentors; GP Supervisors; Principal Doctors; and Practice, Business and Recruitment Managers will allow you to focus on your patients, while staying up to date with Medicare, accreditation and compliance changes. Being part of the largest multicultural doctor and staff network in Western Australia enables you to access vast experiences, cultural understanding and knowledge sharing within the Jupiter Health team. Our doctors and staff also get to enjoy discounts at our dental and cosmetic clinics, as well as affiliated allied health.


Our extended opening hours giving you the options to work full-time, and part- time, or if you prefer, after-hours and weekends to suit you and your family’s needs. Depending on your circumstances, this could include lump sum agreements or flexible arrangements with excellent disbursement rates.


Grow in an environment with supportive resources and to gain business acquisition via partnerships. Bulk billing practices are able to generate a consistent flow of patients, allowing you to have the steady patient-base to promote your sub-specialties and services. Thus, increasing your financial stability within our many practices. We will strive to assist you to achieve your income expectations.

Our services & facilities

Jupiter Health and Medical Services is a group of medical centres throughout Western Australia. These medical centres include General Practice, Dental, Cosmetic and Skin Cancer Clinics as well as Specialists and Allied Health. Our objective is to work towards improving services to patients and provide opportunities for doctors and staff members to grow and expand.

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