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Port Hedland Family Practice - Jupiter Health and Medical Services Pty LTD

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Port Hedland Family Practice


Shop 5 Port Hedland Boulevard,

Port Hedland, WA

Port Hedland Shopping Centre

Tel: 0891747600

Clinic Hours
Port Hedland Family Practice Hours:
Monday - Friday 7am till 7pm.

Medical services we offer

Women's Health

It is good to be you, It is good to be a woman, it is even better to be a woman looked after at Port Hedland Family Practice.

Other services that we can help you with include:
Skin care
Contraception consults
Implanon and Mirena insertion/removal
Antenatal and postnatal care
Weak pelvic floor and more

All the above is a with Mixed Billing Practise service, except for Mirena insertion may have an extra cost.

Men's Health

It is good to be you, it is good to be a Man, it is even better to be a Man looked after at Port Hedland Family Practice, we pride ourselves at Port Hedland Family Practice by doing a thorough men’s health check.
Skin Care
Skin Cancer Check
General Well Being
Prostate Check
Treating and Managing Any Sexual, Psychological And Physical Problems

With our group of multicultural doctors, it will be easy to understand your own culture and make it easy to communicate and with our extended hours and the 5 days a week, it makes the access to our doctors even more convenient.


Skin Cancer check and treatment
We pride our service on offering a thorough skin check and do some of the complicated skin cancer surgery required at Port Hedland Family Practice.

Child health and check

We are known to be one of the most kids friendly practice, we are proud to keep offering the same service of a thorough health check, keeping record of your child’s weight and height to share those moments seeing your kids growing and to discover if any health issues will come to surface early, we enjoy watching the community growing and that’s brings a smile on our face.
We now also offer a walk in clinic anytime of the opening hours for sick children.

We have highly trained child friendly nurses available 5 days a week for your child’s required immunisations.

Chronic disease management
Chronic disease definition does vary, but our definition of chronic disease is any health complaint that may bother you for a long time and you can’t find a solution for it. If this sounds like your situation then go no further than Port Hedland Family Practice we offer a comprehensive history taking, investigation ordering, understanding and a feeling of what you are passing through and to work toward a better quality of life by managing your condition/s.

Allergy and Asthma
Autumn, spring, winter or all year long your allergy and asthma can fluctuate and here at Port Hedland Family Practice we understand your needs and we are here to help and will provide you with a written plan to sort it out so you can take it at home, school or work.

Aged care
With population age has been growing, we understand that looking after the elderly people is a must, with understanding how delicate their physical and mental state is, we offer the help with disabled access, instant INR, no out of pocket cost for anything including driving license assessment and minor surgeries, and comprehensive annual health check, and we have just introduced over 65 year old dementia health assessment.
Acute critical care and minor injuries. With our flexibility and wide range of opening hours we are sure to have one of our doctors to tend you as soon as possible.

Allied Health
As we believe in how allied health can complement our service, we pride ourselves on having a psychologist and a podiatrist at our clinic. All the allied health professionals bulk bill their patients under the team care plan participation of the GP mental health care plan.


Port Hedland Family Practice is a mixed billing practice. We may bulk bill health care card holders , pension card holders and any body who is bellow the age of 16.  All other fees we charge are very affordable and much lower than the fees charged anywhere else.

Level 3    $50.00
Level 23  $90.00

Level 36  $140.00

Level 5020 (out of hours)  $120.00

Level 5040 (out of hours longer consult)  150.00.00

Pre-employment medical basic and commercial license basic $200.00

Drug and alcohol testing  $66.00
Dressings no more than  $50.00

Rebate: After you register with us for the first time the Medicare rebate will go directly into your account the same day.

Surgery and Dressings: There might be a cost involved for consumables used during these types of procedures.
Please ask the Doctor or Nurse prior to any procedure if any out of pocket expenses will be incurred.

Cancellation Policy:  all appointment slots are extremely important.
Therefore a fee $70 will be charged for non-cancelation of appointment's 4 hours prior.
Please contact the surgery 4 hours prior to your appointment if you are unable to attend.

Review of results may incur a fee if the results are of a complex nature- at Doctors discretion


Practice Manager Tel: 08 9174 7600

Our Practice Nurse is available for immunisations, dressing, care plans and other general non specific medial advice.

Management of Personal Health Information
The practice has strict guidelines on confidentiality, patient consent, consent for a 3rd party to obtain information, transferring of health information and access and security of personal health information.  It adheres to the The National Privacy Principles Act and the Health Records and Information Act.

Your Doctor or the Practice Nurse will attempt to contact you immediately via contact details supplied. If our attempts at contact are unsuccessful, a letter will be forwarded to your address to contact us urgently for an appointment.

The Nurse will contact you via phone to advise that you need to make an appointment to see your Doctor. If our attempts to contact you are unsuccessful, a letter will be forwarded to your address to contact us for an appointment.

If your results are NORMAL we will Not contact you. You are welcome to phone us to check if your results have been returned to us, but you will have to make an appointment to discuss these results.
At no time are results provided to you over the phone due to confidentiality laws.

Patients are contacted for recalls and reminders. If our attempts at contact are unsuccessful a letter will be forwarded to your address to contact us for an appointment.

Confidential information is not included in these letters). All personal information is stored on a program specific, encrypted computer data base

The practice is committed to supporting the doctors, nurses and administration staff to participate in on-going education.

Please ring Tel: 08 9174 7600 for an appointment.
If you need more time with the doctor, please tell the receptionist when you make your booking. Urgent medical problems will always be dealt with promptly.

Electronic Communication is available via email at reception@porthedlandfamilypractice.com.au All personal email is stored on a program specific encrypted computer data base system. Any emails or phone calls addressed to clinical staff will be forwarded to the appropriate physician and returned with a phone call.

For after hours medical attention, please contact the following or alternatively seek the nearest Hospital Emergency Department:
Hedland Health Campus, Colebatch Way, South Hedland WA 6722, 08 9174 1000

Patient Feedback

Your feedback is important to us and Patient Feedback forms are available at reception. Alternatively forward your comments to:
Email: reception@porthedlandfamilypractice.com.au

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service you have received and do not wish to discuss this with us, the following information is for the state health complaint agency:

The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO)
GPO Box B61
Perth WA 6838
Phone: (08) 9323 0600
Fax: (08) 9221 3675
Country Free Call: 1800 813 583

Staff at Port Hedland Family Practice

Dr Janet Hayward(FRACGP)

Dr Peter Brackenridge (FRACGP)

Psychologist Ms Caroline Roger (available Monday and Friday)

Further Qualifications / Positions
Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist with specialist interest in Dermatology
Podiatric Educator
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